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About Malika

Malika Malik is a top artificial intelligence leader, advisor, and investor. As a beacon in the ever-evolving domain of Artificial Intelligence, she illuminates the path forward with her unmatched expertise and vision. Malik's work stands as a bridge between innovative technological advancements and the profound humanistic goals they serve.

Currently, Malik serves as the AI Specialist at Google UK, where she continues to shape the future of AI. Before joining Google, she held a position of AI leadership at Microsoft, where she made significant contributions to the development and application of AI technologies.


Within the realm of international AI policy, Malik plays a significant role. She offers advisory expertise to both the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AI in the UK and the Atal Innovation Mission for India. In these roles, she champions the ethos of responsible AI adoption. Her dedicated efforts with the UK's All-Party Parliamentary Group have been particularly influential, outlining a strategy for the nation's post-pandemic COVID recovery using insightful AI strategies.


Beyond her corporate and policy influence, Malik's voice on AI ethics and diversity is heard globally. Her range of contributions, from keynote addresses to influential guidebooks, provides guidance for businesses, academic institutions, and legislators as they navigate the dynamic AI domain.

Malik is a co-founder of the Olive Green Foundation in India, an organization that supports the education of underprivileged girls, currently impacting 350 students. This initiative is a testament to Malik's belief in nurturing potential, regardless of one's background. 


As a proud alumna of the London School of Economics, Malik's academic foundation has played a crucial role in her distinguished trajectory. Here, she co-founded a proactive Data Science Student Society, laying the groundwork for future AI leaders. Recognitions such as her listing as one of the Most Influential Women in the UK, Tech Women 100 UK Winner, and other accolades are reflective of her significant influence.

In a world rapidly integrating AI, Malik stands tall, shaping the future while ensuring the journey is rooted in ethics, inclusivity, and transformative impact.

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