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AI Talks

Malika Malik has delivered over 100 talks on artificial intelligence around the world. To inquire about booking Malika as a speaker for your event, please contact below to inquire about Malika's availability for the year.

Featured AI Talks

  • Google Generative AI ExCo: Delivered a keynote on "Building AI Responsibly", emphasizing the principles and practicalities of ethical AI development. View More

  • Science Museum’s: Voyage to the End of Imagination: As a featured engineer, Malika underscored the essence of designing AI solutions centred on fairness and transparency. This exhibition celebrates pioneering engineers and their ground breaking work. View More | Additional Link

  •  Science & Industry Museum: Panel Discussion: Engaged in a critical discussion titled "Does Tech Discriminate?", diving deep into the biases and challenges posed by technology. Watch the Discussion

  • Big Data LDN 2022: Spoke about operationalizing AI at the UK's premier tech conference, sponsored by tech giants like Databricks and Microsoft.

  • London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Women in Statistics Career Panel: Virtually revisited her alma mater to share her experiences both from LSE and the tech industry. View More

  • Digital Leadership Forum: Discussed the intricacies of cloud migration and holistic digital strategies for effective cloud adoption. View More

  • AI in the post Covid-19 recovery of the UK economy: Participated in an evidence meeting dissecting the socio-economic implications of rapid AI adoption post-pandemic. The focus lay on harnessing AI for businesses in the recovery phase. View More | Additional Link

  • LSE Future Impact Summit: Engaged with thought leaders discussing the implications and directions of AI in future scenarios. View More

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